We are 3 women, Sandrine, Julie and Laure, a female team with varied backgrounds, driven by the same love for dogs and the great outdoors. We grew up in the heart of nature, near Annecy and the forests of Moselle. We have always shared the deep conviction that food plays an essential role in our health and vitality.

In 2018, we discovered the fascinating and inspiring world of mushers. To drive their sled gods, these sled drivers used to say the word « mush ».

Wonderful companions for more than five thousand years, these dogs have enabled man to travel and survive in the great white deserts. Enduring to the effort and gifted with an extraordinary instinct, they show rare physical and psychic qualities to cover up to 100 km per day at the speed of a trained marathon runner !


Impressed by the exceptional abilities of these dogs, we wanted to know more about the diet of these champions which aroused our curiosity. We quickly became passionate about the subject. Our goal was clear : to challenge ourselves to create a range of dog food with a high nutritional and energetic value, meeting the particular needs of all sporting dogs. This is how the Pro Team adventure was born.

The privileged relationship we share with our partners (mushers, breeders and professionals of the canine universe) is the foundation of Pro Team. Our close and high-quality relationship based upon a thorough understanding of the physiological needs of sporting dogs allowed us to build a real expertise.

Throughout a year, the recipes have been tested, improved and approved by more than 800 dogs with different profiles and activities: German shepherds and Malinois in the context of ring and guard activities, Nordic dogs and ESD in the context of sledding and pulling activities, Australian shepherds and cattle dog in the context of herding activities, German Shorthaired Pointer / Weimar braques Weimaraner, Irish setters in the context of field activities…

Energy for active dogs

The Pro Team range offers a wide choice of recipes that have been created specifically for your active dogs. The formulas are adapted to the intensity and duration of the effort, for a towed discipline or not, within the framework of leisure or professional activities, as well as sports as ludic ((ex: harnessing, dog-hiking, bike-jöring, ski joëring, agility, ring, hunting activities, search and rescue activities, guarding activities, herd guiding activities…)

Just like sled dogs, our sporting dogs are exceptional athletes whose energy needs are on average 1.5 to 2 times greater than a sedentary dog. Therefore, a diet that meets their specific energy needs is necessary to maintain their extraordinary abilities of power, endurance, speed and agility. An adapted diet also plays an essential role in the dog’s physical preparation, injury prevention and recovery.


Our recipes, made in France, based on highly digestible ingredients, with no added colorants, flavors or artificial preservatives, provide essential fuel and a precise balance of proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and micronutrients to nourish your dog’s energy needs, protect his metabolism and promote recovery.

For competitions or intense training, we also offer a range of PRO TEAM supplementary foods to support the preparation, improve endurance and recovery of sporting dogs.

Above all, PRO TEAM is an accessible and dynamic team, which has the will to make the ranges grow according to your needs and the evolution of the sport.

PRO TEAM is your brand. Let’s continue to work together to develop the right « ENERGY FOR ACTIVE DOGS » protocols.

Julie, Sandrine, Laure



Aiming for excellence at the best value for money for the well-being of all sporting dogs.


To ensure a reliable and fast supply to our customers with a controlled traceability.


To listen to our customers and propose tailor-made solutions to guarantee their satisfaction and loyalty.


Minimize our impact: manufacturing in France, local sourcing mainly or EU, rigorous selection of our partners.


Sporting dogs have surprising and impressive athletic qualities!
Their activity, which is much higher than that of sedentary dogs, requires a specific energy intake and nutritional needs.


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