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Fly Dogs Team – Claire, Cédric, and Their Dogs

We are Claire and Cédric of Team Fly Dogs, a couple passionate about canine sports. We discovered Canicross at the end of 2019, and it was love at first sight! Since then, we have fully committed to it. Canicross has become more than just physical activity for us; it’s a way of life.

Cédric excels in the scooter (kick scooter) 1 and 2 dogs discipline, winning three bronze medals at the French championships. His greatest passion is the 4-dog kart (so far!), where he finished 7th at the 2023 World Championships. Claire focuses solely on Canicross, winning the French Championships in 2022, the French Snow Championships in 2023, and becoming the vice-champion of France in 2024. She also placed 10th at the 2023 IFSS World Championships.

Claire and Cédric Team Fly Dogs Share Their Experience with PRO TEAM

At the heart of our success is our team of dogs, mainly Greyster and European Sled dogs. Cédric usually teams up with Pégase, Nemo, Indiana, and Seabiscuit, while Claire runs primarily with her Greyster bitches, Palma and Ava. Our dogs are very active, living in a large park during the day where they expend a lot of energy playing and running, in addition to their traction training. This led to feeding problems as no kibble could maintain their condition. They would become too thin quickly, and we had to give them enormous portions to keep them at their ideal weight.

Thanks to veterinarian Jerome Henrion, we discovered PRO TEAM, a brand specializing in food for athletic dogs, specifically the PRO TEAM ENDURANCE 4400 range.

PRO TEAM ENDURANCE: A Recipe for Athletic Dogs

PRO TEAM ENDURANCE 4400 is specially adapted for dogs with intense and long-duration activities. This complete adult dog food offers a very high caloric content and high assimilation. Free from added legumes and tubers, it optimizes dogs’ intestinal transit and reduces flatulence. With a composition rich in fats (29%) and highly digestible animal proteins from chicken, fish, and eggs, this food is perfect for our active dogs.PRO TEAM ENDURANCE

The presence of 2000 mg/Kg of L-Carnitine in PRO TEAM ENDURANCE 4400 promotes fat mobilization and assimilation, while the high omega-3 (EPA-DHA) content protects joints. Additionally, the MOS (Manno-Oligosaccharides) in the recipe strengthen immune defenses. Made in France, this recipe without added colorants or artificial flavors is suitable for adult dogs of all breeds requiring extremely high caloric intake.

PRO TEAM: The Trusted Ally of Claire and Cédric

Since we started feeding our dogs PRO TEAM ENDURANCE 4400, we have noticed a significant improvement in their overall health and performance on the track. The portions we give our dogs have been halved. They look great, perform well, and maintain a perfect silhouette. As a bonus, we have also seen a significant reduction in the number of stools to pick up. So thank you, PRO TEAM, for developing such a rich kibble that perfectly meets the needs of our hyper-athletic dogs! It allows us to focus fully on their training and well-being.

PRO TEAM has proven to be perfectly suited to our needs. As owners of hyperactive dogs, we needed food that could support their intense activity level while maintaining their health. The PRO TEAM ENDURANCE 4400 range meets all these requirements by providing suitable, high-calorie, and easily assimilable nutrition.

Like Claire and Cédric, share your experiences and personal tips. For any questions about our PRO TEAM range or our dietary supplements, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also follow our updates on Facebook.


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