Remarkable recovery of Link thanks to PRO TEAM’s N-UTRIBOOST and N-UTRIPROTECT supplements.

Portrait of Mathilde and Édouard: The committed duo behind Link’s rescue.

Mathilde and Édouard are a dynamic couple with diverse passions. Édouard works as an osteopath, while Mathilde is employed in the restaurant industry. Outside of their jobs, they dedicate a significant amount of their time to their dogs, a passion that has been rooted in Mathilde since her teenage years.

At the age of 12, Mathilde discovered her love for dogs, and four years ago, she developed a particular interest in Nordic breeds. In the Gard region, she began harnessing various dog breeds, favoring athletic ones that enjoyed running, especially in cold weather. This led her to welcome a Samoyed and two Huskies into her home.

Subsequently, Mathilde worked alongside mushers, gaining valuable experience in the discipline. Gradually, she built her own sled dog team while continuing to care for a wide variety of dogs, ranging from Chihuahuas to Malamutes.

The couple also shares a commitment to animal welfare, welcoming a dog in need into their home every year. Link, their current dog, was initially meant to be a foster, but due to his age and behavioral issues resulting from abuse, he ended up staying with them.

Link’s Rescue: A tale of abuse and renewal.

“Link was one of two dogs rescued from a situation of abuse and neglect on February 8, 2024. His past was marked by fear, hunger, and pain. Upon arrival, he bore the physical and emotional scars of his tragic history. But instead of being overwhelmed by his past, Link found a glimmer of hope in the support and care of his new foster family.

Link’s arrival and concerning health condition.Découvrez comment les produits N-Utriboost et N-Utriprotect de Pro Team ont transformé la vie de Link, un chien sauvé de la maltraitance. Ce témoignage inspirant révèle l'efficacité remarquable de ces compléments pour la santé et le bien-être des animaux.

When Link arrived at our home, his health condition was alarming. At the age of 8, he suffered from multiple health issues, including renal and hepatic problems, severe malnutrition due to inadequate nutrition, and persistent lameness caused by joint problems. His outward appearance reflected his inner distress: a dull and matted coat, pronounced thinness, and evident distress in his eyes.

One month of transformation: Spectacular results.

Thanks to PRO TEAM’s N-UTRIBOOST and N-UTRIPROTECT supplements, Link’s recovery journey has been remarkable. Link has been remarkable. In just one month, the changes were astounding: a significant improvement in his overall health, weight gain, disappearance of lameness, and a notable improvement in the condition of his coat. The results of the medical tests were also encouraging, showing a clear improvement in Link’s renal and hepatic functions.

A new future for Link.

Grâce aux compléments N-UTRIBOOST et N-UTRIPROTECT de Pro Team, le parcours de rétablissement de Link a été remarquable. En seulement un mois, les changements étaient stupéfiantsToday, Link has a fresh chance at life. Thanks to love, care, and the nutritional supplements from PRO TEAM, he has regained optimal health. Although the emotional traumas from his past still require time to heal completely, Link is progressing every day towards trust and happiness. His story is a powerful testimony to the resilience and compassion, and we are grateful to PRO TEAM for making this remarkable transformation possible.” – Mathilde and Édouard


PRO TEAM : The trusted partner

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