The saindoux


PRO TEAM SAINDOUX . The saindoux is made in the Hautes-Pyrénnées by two young breeders of Bigorre black pigs with Protected Designation of Origin (AOP). It comes from the fat melting of pigs. The result is a semi-solid fat, immaculate white, with a very malleable texture.

Did you know?

Historically, pork fat was very present in the traditional recipes of the Hautes-Pyrénées. At the time when each family killed the pig to stock up on meat and salted meat for the year, fat was the best means of preservation and the only affordable fat compared to butter or olive oil, luxury products. It is now finding new uses, in particular for its interesting nutritional contributions.

The Nutritional Benefits of the saindoux

The nutritional characteristics of lard are explained by the breeding of black Bigorre pigs in their natural environment, a preserved region: a mosaic of meadows and undergrowth on the slopes of the Baïse river on the borders of the Lannemezan Plateau. . The contribution of the grass is essential: the antioxidants contained in it are found directly in the fats. They thus prevent their oxidation. This allows for optimal preservation.In addition, the Bigorre black pig is a breed that naturally synthesizes oleic fatty acid (minimum 50% of fatty acids synthesized), known to be a main component of olive oil. It is deposited directly in the fats.In food, it is recommended to favor unsaturated fatty acids, sources of essential fatty acids and balanced nutritional intake.The fat of black Bigorre pork has a very balanced profile between oleic acid (Omega 9) and linoleic acid (Omega 6). Oleic acid is a monounsaturated fatty acid which has many physiological advantages: it reduces total cholesterol and more particularly the bad LDL cholesterol. Linoleic acid is a polyunsaturated fatty acid present in PRO TEAM SAINDOUX in interesting proportions. This fatty acid is a major nutritional asset because it is one of the essential fatty acids that is not produced naturally. It intervenes in the regulation of blood fats, preventing cardiovascular diseases and promoting the activity of the immune system and the inflammatory response.
PRO TEAM SAINDOUX - complément alimentaire pour chien actif - 1kgAnother advantage: Black Bigorre pork fat has a very low melting point, it melts in lukewarm water between 38 and 42°C! Ideal to mix with water and kibble.

Aurélie Delattre, veterinarian

Team Coste Race Dog, by Rémy Coste (six-time LGO winner and defending champion, 2020 and 2022 European champion, 2022 world champion and Aurélie Delattre (2022 LGO champion, 3rd in the open in 2020, winner of 2 LGO trophies in 2021) use PRO TEAM SAINDOUX in the diet of their dogs.

Recommendations from Aurélie and Rémy:

“In winter, with the cold, the intensification of training and competitions, sports dogs need a colossal energy supply. Lard is a source of fat very well metabolized by the canine organism and better assimilated than fats of vegetable origin. It is therefore a food of choice for the diet of your sports dogs!We divide the daily quantity of Lard between the meal that we give after the stage and the hydration 8 hours before the race. We advise you to combine lard with croquettes or meat to improve its digestion and assimilation. Couple a good diet with a training protocol adapted to your goals, osteopathy sessions and your dogs will be in good shape on D-Day! »

Advice from Aurélie Delattre:

– Always set up new things at home, well before the race so as not to have any unpleasant surprises.
– Start lard supplementation with small amounts so that the dog’s organism adapts and increase gradually.

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