Yakutian Laïka


The physical characteristics of the Yakutian Laika

The history of the Yakutian Laika

The Yakutian Laika, an iconic figure of the icy expanses of Siberia, captivates with its majestic appearance and exceptional survival abilities. An ancient breed, shaped by biting cold and the demands of hunting, this dog is the product of a ruthless nature that has sculpted each of its features to make it a resilient and unwavering companion. Let’s discover together the distinctive traits that make it an icon of the harshest lands.

The physical characteristics of the Yakutian Laika are a direct response to the challenges posed by its native environment. Its thick coat, a true armor against the cold; its erect ears that capture the slightest rustle; and its dense musculature, are all testimonies to its adaptation. But that’s not all, its moderate size and robustness give it remarkable agility, essential for navigating the rugged terrain of the tundra.Yakutian Laïka - ses caractéristiques

Beyond its physical attributes, the Yakutian Laika shines with its intelligence and unwavering loyalty. These dogs are astute hunting partners, capable of initiative and discernment. Their attachment to their master is legendary, making them unmatched protectors and life companions. It is this combination of emotional intelligence and loyalty that forges an unbreakable bond between the Laika and its owner.

Let us conclude our exploration by highlighting the harmony that life alongside a Yakutian Laika represents. This companion dog, a symbol of resilience and loyalty, demands genuine commitment but offers invaluable companionship in return. By respecting its natural needs and adopting a responsible approach to its nutrition and well-being, you will build a relationship based on mutual understanding and unconditional love.

The Yakutian Laika: a sporty dog

With only three to four thousand individuals remaining today, this breed has experienced a decline due to the modernization of transportation methods. However, the Yakutian Laika remains a preferred choice for sports activities that require strength, agility, and endurance. Indeed, this dog can cover long distances pulling sleds, with a resilience that surpasses many other breeds. Sled dog competitions such as the famous Iditarod in Alaska, where teams cover nearly a thousand miles (about sixteen hundred kilometers) in harsh winter conditions, highlight the incredible abilities of these dogs.

Outside of sled races, the Yakutian Laika excels in various canine sports that promote its mental and physical well-being. Canicross, for example, is a discipline where the dog, harnessed, runs ahead of a mountain bike ridden by its owner. This activity can extend over several kilometers and requires perfect coordination between the dog and the cyclist. Cani-roller, an urban variant of canicross, offers a similar experience on asphalt. As for cani-hiking, it allows you to enjoy nature while sharing a moment of complicity and exercise.

Yakutian Laïka - chien de sportFor winter sports enthusiasts, the Laika can be harnessed to a sled specially designed for its size, where it can showcase its strength and agility. These activities are not just ways to expend the Laika’s energy; they also strengthen the bond between the dog and its owner while cultivating the breed’s natural instincts.

Yakutian Laikas are not only renowned for their resilience in extreme climates but also for their prowess in the world of canine sports. In Russia, these four-legged athletes excel in sprint and mid-distance races, and some train for endurance events over long distances. In Europe, interest in these competitions is growing, with the increasingly frequent participation of small and medium-sized teams, not to mention impressive performances in single-dog events.

The sporting versatility of the Yakutian Laika in France. In France, the Yakutian Laika excels in several disciplines that test its agility and endurance. Whether harnessed to a sled (sled dog), a scooter or mountain bike, or running alongside its owner in canicross, this dog demonstrates exceptional adaptability and energy. Its participation in other canine sports, such as agility or obedience, confirms its place among the most versatile and athletic breeds.Yakutian Laïka

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The targeted diet of the Yakutian Laika

To maintain this breed of dog in optimal physical condition, proper nutrition is crucial. Accustomed to harsh climates and intense exercise, it requires a diet rich in proteins and fats to support its rapid metabolism. Meats, fish, and carefully selected dietary supplements are the cornerstones of a menu that must be both energetic and balanced.


High-performance nutrition with PRO TEAM PUISSANCE 4000

To meet the demands of a breed as active as the Yakutian Laika, specific nutrition is not only recommended but essential. This is where PRO TEAM PUISSANCE 4000 kibble comes in to provide these athletes with a superior quality nutritional foundation.

PRO TEAM PUISSANCE 4000PRO TEAM PUISSANCE 4000 : a formula designed for sporty dogs. It’s a formula developed to meet the high energy needs of sport dogs, such as the Yakutian Laika. These kibbles are specially adapted to support the muscle power and endurance required during traction activities such as cani-hiking, cani-karting, cani-MTB, ski-joring, and of course, sled pulling.

Quality ingredients for optimal health. The choice of ingredients in PRO TEAM PUISSANCE 4000 is crucial to ensuring a healthy diet. We select high-quality proteins, essential for the proper development and maintenance of these dogs’ muscle mass. Our formula ensures optimal digestion and helps prevent joint disorders while maintaining ideal weight control.


PRO TEAM SAINDOUX : a source of pure energy

The robustness and endurance of the Yakutian Laika demand a diet that is not only rich and suitable but also supplemented with specific elements to support its boundless energy. High-quality kibbles form the basis of its diet, but the integration of dietary supplements like PRO TEAM SAINDOUX can make all the difference, especially for active and sporty dogs.

PRO TEAM SAINDOUX, a flagship product distributed by Super Kibbles, is a preferred dietary supplement for the Yakutian PRO TEAM SAINDOUX - complément alimentaire pour chien actif - 1kgLaika. Produced in the Hautes-Pyrénées by passionate breeders, it comes from the rendering of fat from black pigs of Bigorre, raised in a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). This semi-solid fat, of immaculate purity, stands out for its malleable texture and richness in beneficial fatty acids.

The nutritional benefits of PRO TEAM SAINDOUX are manifold. Black pigs of Bigorre, thanks to their diet of natural pastures, produce fat rich in antioxidants, which prevents oxidation and ensures optimal preservation. The fat from these pigs presents a balanced profile between oleic acid (Omega 9) and linoleic acid (Omega 6), essential for the dog’s health.

For sporty dogs like the Yakutian Laika, PRO TEAM SAINDOUX is a source of fat highly metabolized by the canine organism and better assimilated than fats of vegetable origin. Aurélie Delattre, veterinarian and high-level competitor, recommends the use of PRO TEAM SAINDOUX to meet increased energy needs during winter, intense training, and competitions.

PRO TEAM SAINDOUX can be mixed with warm water, thanks to its low melting temperature, and added to kibbles or meat for better digestion and assimilation. Aurélie advises starting the supplementation with small quantities of lard to allow the dog’s body to adapt, then gradually increasing it.

Practical tips for a balanced diet. When integrating PRO TEAM SAINDOUX into your Yakutian Laika’s diet, it’s important to follow a few principles :

  • Introduce the SAINDOUX gradually and well before competitions to avoid any discomfort.
  • Divide the daily amount of lard oil between meals, prioritizing post-exercise for optimal recovery.
  • Ensure your dog stays hydrated, especially when adding lard to its diet, to aid digestion. By following these recommendations and obtaining PRO TEAM SAINDOUX, you’ll provide your Yakutian Laika with a complete and energy-rich diet perfectly suited to its unique needs. For any questions or personalized advice, feel free to contact Aurélie Delattre and Remy Coste on Facebook : Coste Race Dog.

A balanced diet for competitors!

PRO TEAM PUISSANCE 4000 kibbles, accompanied by the PRO TEAM SAINDOUX supplement, form a winning combination for Yakutian Laikas engaged in traction sports and competitions. This combination ensures an energy supply tailored to days of intensive training and periods of rest, ensuring consistent performance and rapid recovery.


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By choosing PRO TEAM PUISSANCE 4000 for your dog, you’re opting for a diet that supports its athletic potential while ensuring its overall health. Your Yakutian Laika deserves the best to excel in disciplines that require strength, agility, and endurance.

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